Aside from being the author/illustrator of Shadows On My Wall and They're Coming, Timothy Young is also the author, illustrator and pop-up engineer of I'm Looking For A Monster! (Random House). He majored in illustration at Pratt Institute and has over 30 years experience as a professional artist. Here is a partial list of the stuff he's done:

• In high school he worked as a ghoul in the Haunted
   Castle at Great Adventure in New Jersey.
• His first job out of college was as an animation
   model-maker on Pee-Wee's Playhouse. He was made
   head model-maker for the Penny Cartoons.
• He got his first toy industry job designing and
   sculpting the "Penny" doll for Matchbox Toys.
• He worked on Peter Gabriel's music video for the song
   "Big Time". His hand appears in the video along with
   his models.
• He worked for the Muppets, designing and building
   puppets for the NBC series "Jim Henson Presents"
• He worked for Equity Marketing designing and
   sculpting fast-food premium toys. While there, he
   sculpted the heads for the Simpsons dolls which
   were sold at Burger King. He was the first person to
   figure out how to sculpt Bart, Lisa and Maggie's hair
   in 3-dimensions.
• He moved to England and worked for Seven Towns, a
   toy invention company. He designed and sculpted for
   toy lines including Boglins and P.E.T. Aliens.
• He was Design Director for the Idea Factory when
   they produced the Meanies, the popular Beanie
   Babies parody toys.
• He founded Creatures & Characters, his creative
   development company. Along with his children's
   books he is developing toy lines and other concepts.
• He created the iPhone App Creatures & Characters

You can find out more about Tim and see more of his work at Creatures &




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